Farmer Intake

NPF focuses on improving a sustainable life for all stakeholders within our ecosystem, especially local farmers. With our abundant knowledge, advanced technology, and year-long mission to transform the agricultural sector, "Farmer Intake" is one of our key projects to help farmers utilize their resources and regenerate a greener economy for our planet.


Trusted by farmers from around the world

We have successfully onboarded many farmers from around the world, who share the same vision and determination to create sustainable agriculture for future generations.


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Why Farmer Intake?

We are proud to have the leading agricultural experts, innovative systems, and worldwide networks to create a learning organization that disseminates information to all communities within our ecosystem.

How to join Farmer Intake



The steps are simple, submit basic information about your company for us to review.


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Our team will assess the availability of your business model before proceeding.


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You are all set! Our knowledge and technology are now accessible for you to utilize.

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Farmer is the heart of Agriculture and the backbone of NPF's ecosystem. What does the future of farming look like? It's in your hands. Join us now, for a better world.