Farm Management System

Manage whole production

Accurately forecast agricultural products expected in each crop cycle through inventory control inputs and manage the production factors in quality, quantity and pricing.

Farm Management

Track your cultivation cycle from planting to harvesting to estimate the actual yield and harvesting period.


Make your supply inputs traceable for allocating and quality controls.

Sales and Purchasing

Manage your buying and selling list with purchase order and pre-sales order. Summarize all reports at hand.


Track all record involving all payable report, receiveable report, and tax report.


Internet of Things

Measure and collect the data of the area and real-time upload into cloud to monitor the variables within the environment and soil.

Irrigation System

Control automatic watering system and set the timer on the application

Soil and Environment

Identify the location, size and quantity of precious metals and organic compounds around the cultivaed area.

Temperature & Humidity

Monitor all cultivated area properties all at once by various sensors.

Blockchain Technology

Track, identify, and trace

NPF ecosystem is built on top of blockchain technology to make the bridge between real world operations and our virtual decentralized SmartAgri contract management system.

Tokenization Platform

Able to coordinate that data between the different groups from farmers to the collectors, wholesales, exporters, importers, and finally to the retailers, the traceability of the food value chain can be identified to see where the inefficiencies are evident.


Every single data will correspond to a serial number or IP that we can then retrace and retrieve where the data are stored, in accordance to their block numbers and written directly in the blockchain constantly updating for near real-time accessibility.

Why Blockchain

Blockchain allows all the participants to have better access, quicker liquidity with lower search and transaction costs. This will improve the ecommerce on the digital side for search and track.